It’s the Little Things

It’s my day over at Mad Genius Club, and I have recommendations on making your work better through the application of research, and dark humor.

Mad Genius Club

We’ve all picked up the books that weren’t quite right. The wooden dialogue, the bits of research the author didn’t get right – and I’m being charitable, as I’ve picked up some that made me want to fly them across the room whilst I shouted uncomplimentary things about the author’s ideas of what worked in real life. Let’s just say this: If you have a super-powered microwave death-ray, and use it, what emerges from nearby Maple trees will NOT be maple syrup. And if you try to ‘break’ a mustang while you are all alone on the ranch, you deserve what you get, and it won’t be pretty. But this is why I no longer read romances…

Ahem. Yes, where was I?

While I was at LTUE I went to 3 or 4 panels on incorporating military and guns into your fiction. While I’ve been hunting and trapping since I…

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  1. I thought I was more than just a friend , jeesh – oh how I have fallen in your estimation!!!   I guess I need to do something really spiffy to move up in the rankings!!   BTW – I read SJW a lot – what th heck does this mean??  your friend, Maestro


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