Posting from my phone, so if the formatting is off, forgive me.

Let’s see… Twenty hours of awake time, three flights, and a total of 4+ hours driving. Made it to Mom’s house safely. Was reminded of how much I love Oregon, and how sad I am that the political climate in the big cities is the tail that wags the dog, and I will never live here. We drove through the Rogue River area and it is so beautiful. There’s a reason I’ve set a story there, and probably will a novel soon.

I’ll manage some photos, might not upload until I am home, as I didn’t pack my laptop. Hence posting from the phone.

Let’s see: read Monster Hunter Siege on the plane trip. It was fun in spots, tedious in others, and very predictable. Comfort food for fans of the series.

Read JL Curtis’ Rimworld novel. Fun science fiction, slow start got going into a story that was very enjoyable, but the ending left a lot unresolved.

Tried to read the War on Africa, but it was hard to focus on it for long. Started the Corgi Chronicles by Laura Madsen, which is a cute story for any little girls who love dogs. I’d say reading age on it would be from 10-13 years old.

I need to find more Russian fairy tales, and possibly any Siberian folklore. East Witch is moving along, but I want more material.


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  1. Referencing Russian folktales, I’ve enjoyed Alma Boykin’s novels with Russian grandmothers, fairy tales, etc. set in Colorado. Also, author Vera Nazarian may be a good source, she has some deep grounding in the mindset. Anyway, imho…

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