Vulcan’s Kittens

Cedar Sanderson’s debut novel, a young adult fantasy full of mythological beings, adventure, a very unusual teen girl, and kittens.

VK cover

“Linn can’t believe what is happening to her summer. First, she winds up babysitting a litter of newborn kittens with a very special heritage. Then her own family’s past catches up with them, and Linn is on the run… and all alone with the kittens. Snippet from inside the story: Linn could see a grimace pass over the man’s face. In the firelight his skin was unusually red, as was his hair. She wondered why Grampa hadn’t lit a lamp. “I cannot and will not leave here.” The woman on the couch declared, sitting up suddenly. Linn startled as she realized that the woman was a cat… This was her grandfather’s barn cat, talking and sitting on the couch. The big man stepped toward her, casting his face into shadow. Linn could still hear the sneer in his voice. “Bastet’s Daughter, you are the least of our concerns. Vulcan may take on strays and broken… beings, but we do not.” “I would not go with you, even without my obligations here.” Grampa interjected. “Oh, the child.” The man’s dismissive tone made Linn’s blood boil. “Not just a child. Blood of my blood.” “Which I’m sure she knows nothing about. To her, you are just a broken down old smith.” “Her mother has told her what we are, I am certain.” “She could not even see me if she were able to wake from the spell I cast over her.” Linn blinked in surprise. Not only was she wide awake, riveted to the conversation below, but she could see the red man, the cat woman, and the bulk of something else (she was no longer sure it was a man) near the door in the shadows. And as for ‘what she was’… she was a human being. Wasn’t she?”

Want to read more? I have excerpts on the blog.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here. 

For the story of how I came to write Vulcan’s Kittens, look here.

To buy Vulcan’s Kittens you can order it at your local bookstore, on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and of course from me for a signed copy. You can also contact me directly at for a signed bookplate. If you follow the blog I will post in-person appearances.

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4 thoughts on “Vulcan’s Kittens

  1. I enjoyed reading this. As an author who also writes books about kitties (my favourite animal!!) among other things, I totally get it. You’re lucky to be a children’s librarian and be able to communicate with the very people you write for. As a kid, I always had my nose stuck in a book too – it’s a wonderful place to be :))) Good luck with your book.


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