Dragon Noir is Finished!

Well, mostly. I’m sending it out to beta readers this weekend, and it will go to the editors very soon, and there’s no doubt massive re-writing in my future… but it’s done, today. Put the last words on the story. I realized that it’s almost exactly a year from the same thing for Trickster Noir. And that it’s been quite a ride since I put out Pixie Noir! I have fans, now, wanting to know when this one will be available! And now I can say: soon. Very soon.

But first, a long hot bath to soak out the tension of writing that last fight scene. Whew! You tense up when you’re living in a character’s head during a battle.


7 thoughts on “Dragon Noir is Finished!

  1. Not fair feel like an addict that has been getting a fix lately now my dealer is telling me to wait. Oh wait a minute I am a book addict waiting on my fix and some of what I have been getting hasn’t been all that great. Guess in 6wks you’ll be getting some of my money.


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