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Cedar in Blue

Leon Jester was good enough to send me a photo he took at the convention.

The blog is now a daily… well, ok, it’s been a daily for a while. Rough schedule, subject to change at my whim or the drop of a hat…

  • Monday: Writing/publishing
  • Tuesday: Art Day
  • Wednesday: As my whimsy takes me
  • Thursday: Snippet of the work in progress
  • Friday: Book Review
  • Saturday: Mad Genius Club and possibly a bit more
  • Sunday: Food porn!

My review policy is now that I will review what I like, as honestly as I like, because I’m reviewing from a copy I bought, whether it was paper, ebook, new or used. You can ask me to review something for you, and I’ll take a look at blurbs, excerpts, and if I think I will like it, I’ll buy a copy. So feel free to ask, just know that I’ll use my discretion. And if I don’t review it, well, then… that doesn’t cecessarily mean I hated it. Just that I’m really busy. Which brings me to something else: I’m a full-time student. This schedule may change, come late August. If I can’t make a post, you may get photos of cute kittens (or bugs and flowers, since I’m a hobby photographer) or simply an update on the schedule bus that ran me over. I’d like for my readers (yes, you!) to know they can drop in regularly, and I do encourage a conversation in that space under the blog, where we can have that nice chat. About kittens, if nothing else!

For those wanting to reach me, you can do so by removing the spaces from the following email address: cedarlila @ gmail.com.

These things always make me feel terribly narcissistic. I would far rather sit down and have a conversation with you over a mug of mocha at the kitchen table. Or take you on a ramble with the dog. Or just about anything else!

I think you’ve gathered that I write, and possibly that I enjoy reading, as well. I’ve been writing for years, but only started to publish recently. It’s been a little more than two years, and my fifth novel, The God’s Wolfling, will be out August 2014. I don’t know that I can keep doing two books a year, but thank you all for reading, reviewing, and encouraging me to keep going! You can click on the link below to find all my books, reviews, and the wealth of other stuff that is Amazon.

Cedar Sanderson

As you will quickly realize, should you bother to read down the posts here, I am also a mother. If you go too far back *THERE BE DRAGONS THAR* (I don’t recommend it) you will find that the posts devolve entirely into mommy blog. Seriously, don’t bother. It’s a 6-7 year deep archive, and beyond about 2010 there is nothing worth bothering with.

I probably won’t post here as regularly as I ought, and what I do post will be a mixture of life, reading, writing, and random ramblings. If you want to read something, ping me in a comment and I will do my best to oblige. Or you can find me on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “About Cedar

  1. I just read your story “Milkweed” in Mythic Delirium and I liked it very much. Lovely descriptions, likeable characters, real issues. It is a fine example of what I like to call “bright fantasy”.

    It’s a pet peeve of mine that people nowadays use the term “dark” as applied to fantasy as though it were the word “dark” applied to chocolate: Richer, deeper, better. I’m sure many people write rich, deep, fine dark fantasy. Possibly you do too. But I am a psychotherapist. I love my work, but for fun, I simply do not need more fear, despair or grue. So I am always seeking works of bright fantasy, replete with the beauties of nature and of human love and decency.

    “Milkweed” is a bright fantasy treat.


    • Thank you very much! Yes, some of my fiction is much darker. Stargazer, for instance, and Memories of the Abyss both explore the lengths a woman will go to to keep herself and her family intact. In a manner of speaking. But Snow Angel and Milkweed and a few others as yet unpublished are my ‘hope’ stories, where I explore overcoming and rising up in life. I’m so glad you came to leave me these words, very encouraging!


  2. Are your books primarily marketed to women? I overlooked your blog and wanted to read some excerpts of your books to see if I was interested in your writing style and I couldn’t find any reference. I enjoy offbeat and different fantasy and sci fi. Also, do you sell your books other then Amazon? I am not interested in making Mr Bezo any richer. I appreciate your reply.


    • My books are not marketed toward men or women. I have fans of all sorts. There are excerpts of my fiction on my blog, including snippets of the novels to give you a taste of what they are like.

      I do sell books directly through the website as well, on paper and signed. All the ebooks are exclusive to Amazon, as that makes the best business sense at this time.


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