a Pro at a Con

James Young was kind enough to offer me a guest post today, on the fun of being an author-vendor at a large con.

Mad Genius Club

What follows is a guest post from the ever-enthusiastic and energetic James Young. I haven’t done an event of this size as an author, but I have done this sort of thing as an entertainer, and I concur with him on most if not all points – especially being able to accept credit cards, and prepping your load out well beforehand. 

Coooonnnnn!   Cooooooonnnnnn!   Cooooonnnnnn!

(With Apologies to Captain Kirk, the Genesis Scientists, and Ricardo Montalbans Chest)

Is everyone else about ready to take a break from Sad Puppies?  I know I am.  Call me when we WorldCon’s going to put in a cage and spring for Tina Turner to come give that speech.  Until then, I’m here to talk about something near and dear to every author’s heart: The Green Award.  Specifically, as the title suggests, Cedar asked me to do a guest blog to talk about my experiences…

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