Review: Hand of God

I review a space opera over at Otherwhere Gazette, with a little more humor than usually slips into my reviews. I will also have a Friday review, as the long plane trip was good for my reading.

Otherwhere Gazette

This is a review of The Hand of God: A Homeworld Novel, by Eric Brown and Jason Cordova

hand of god

For the Earth Republic, victory over the Coalition was but a short reprieve.
The alien Ra’tid are advancing, and there is little to stand in their way as they move towards Earth. Battleships larger than anything the Republic has seen before have easily obliterated everything that has come before them. In order to survive, the Republic must cut off the head of the snake with one deft, deadly stroke – a direct shot at the home world of the Ra’tids.
However, there is a small problem. There is only one man in the universe who has gone toe to toe with the alien Ra’tids and survived… he just happens to be one of the Earth Republic’s most feared enemies.
Templar Saul Derring has been asked to save the Republic that he…

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