A Declaration of Purpose

It’s my day over at Otherwhere Gazette. Ever wondered why you should bother with science fiction and fantasy? Because it can change the world!

Otherwhere Gazette

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • Humanity is worth saving.
  • One planet is not enough for humans. 
  • Experiments and efforts to reach space are not a waste of money, but useful for life on earth, and reaching beyond it.
  • The government is incapable of reaching out to the stars, private endeavors will be the ones to drive that movement.
  • We write and publish to persuade others toward that goal of reaching out to the stars.
  • Science Fiction stories further that persuasion and expansion of imagination.
  • This is why science fiction needs to be based in hard science, and also why fantasy needs to create the understanding of what it is that heroes do.
  • This is no way interferes with belief in a higher power – or conversely, requires belief in a higher power.

I listened to Toni Weisskopf deliver that thrilling declaration of what science fiction is for on…

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2 thoughts on “A Declaration of Purpose

  1. I’ve briefly searched for a works in progress section or update but I failed. Do you have a timetable on any more books in the Pixy series? Thanks.


    • Chad, I am working on the end of Dragon Noir, the final book in the trilogy. Publication is planned for the end of March. You can find snippets of it every Thursday on my personal blog, and thanks for the reminder – I will add links to the Pixie for Hire page.


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