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I’m talking about Indie over there today, so you might want to take the time to look not only at my highlights, but the deeper data of the Author Earnings Report. I’ll do a short post later today on other topics. Have to think of something, but I am prepping for a gig this morning.

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It’s that time of year again: the Author Earnings Report is out. I urge you, if you are an Indie author, or if like me, you fall into the “Uncategorized Single-Author Publisher” category, that you go take a look at this report. It’s the fifth quarterly report of its kind, and well, it’s a huge validation.

Only seven months ago, the idea that indie self-published authors and their ebooks were outearning all authors published by the Big Five publishers combined was jaw-dropping heresy. Today, it’s boring — a widely-acknowledged fact among knowledgeable authors, if not industry pundits. Many authors who publish both ways point out their earnings disparity in favor of their self-published titles, and so this data is no longer surprising.

Jan 2015 author earnings

In other words, looking at the numbers, Indies are eating Trad Pub’s sandwich. In the graph above, showing the truth of author earnings, not publishers, we see the reality of what going Indie…

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