Be the Bojum! -Charlie Martin

Celebrate the history of women in fiction. Don’t let the past be obscured. We must not forget the contributions of those who came before us, and we must look to the future of fiction. Read books, and tell people about them. Look to Indie for the wave of the future: entertaining, well-written fiction.

According To Hoyt

Be the Boojum -Charlie Martin

For the last couple of days, there’s been a bunch of discussion prompted by a tweet by John Scalzi to the effect of:

I normally ignore Scalzi and the other SJWs. They’re clearly the sort of penny-ante fascists who congregate in the elective posts in community theatre, school boards, and homeowners’ associations, who like being able to lord it over a bunch of other people but don’t have the balls to actually run for something important. In any case, I no longer aspire to be an SFWA member, and I no longer think writers are somehow special, except perhaps in the sense employed in “special education” or the “special bus.”

I mean, I’m a writer; how special could they be?

But what has started to gall me is the arrogant ignorance of some of these damn kids.

Not to long ago, Sarah did a piece…

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