Mad Geniuses: The Musical

Saunter swing, and sway to the music over at my Mad post today…

Mad Genius Club

We’ve been asked a few times about music, writing, and reading. While a soundtrack for a book is a very individual thing, it’s not a bad idea to throw some lines in the back of the book about what you were listening to while you wrote… don’t quote song lyrics, though, that stuff can get you in trouble. I may do a post on my personal blog when I publish the next book, with a soundtrack listing.

However, I can talk about music and how it affects my writing. Firstly, I think it’s different for every book, and every person. Each of us have individual likes and dislikes. But maybe I can suggest some things that will help you find your groove on the record. When the music is right for me, my fingers fly. And, something else, make notes of what really works, because trust me on this, you…

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