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My First Reader surprised me with this, he’d written it after I told him I was having trouble coming up with one for Amazon that would replace the very out-dated one I’d put up a few years ago. Thank you, dear man! There are few things I dislike more than writing my own bio. 

Cedar Sanderson was born an Air Force brat in Nebraska and spent her childhood en route to new duty stations. Her formative years after her father left the Air Force were spent being homeschooled on the Alaskan frontier. She removed to the “more urban” climes of New Hampshire at the beginning of high school. She has had the usual eclectic range of jobs for Fantasy/ SF authors, ranging from Comedy Magician to Apprentice Shepherdess. She counts the latter as more useful in controlling her four children and First Reader.  Her fascination with science dates to her early childhood spent with her grandmother on the Oregon coast studying the flora and fauna and learning to prepare a meal from what she could glean from a tidal pool. This lead to a lifelong interest in science, cooking, and herbalism.

At present she is attending college in Ohio pursuing a dual STEM major in forensic science and microbiology. Her first two times in college were for theology and liberal arts. She is maintaining an average of nearly 20 credit hours while running a household, an entertainment business, and writing multiple novels on the side. This has the result of leaving those watching her indefatigable efforts panting in exhaustion.

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Cedar in the gardens


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  1. Love it! Especially since I am the grandmother who introduced Cedar to the flora and fauna of the Oregon Coast. But she didn’t mention, did she,that I am also the grandmother who taught her, when she was six or so, to wash dishes in very HOT water, and she burned her hands? I’m so sorry . . .

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