“Microaggressions”, “Trigger Warnings”, and the New Meaning of “Trauma”

Very good piece on the mystifying phenomenon of ‘microaggression.’ I agree with this guy. Trauma is not micro. If you’re upset by minor things that’s sad. But to blow them up into ‘trauma’ is to demean not only the denotation of the word, but the suffering of those who actually know what trauma feels like. Grow up, get tough, live a good life.


When I joined the Marines, I met a man who had survived a helicopter crash during a training exercise. The first time I saw him his head and face were covered in burn scars. A balloon filled with saline, that looked like a dinosaur’s crest, was implanted in his scalp to stretch the skin so hair could grow. Something that looked exactly like the checkered buttstock of an M16A2 was imprinted on one side of his head. He greeted me when I checked in to my unit, and totally ignored the shocked expression I must have had when he approached. He shook my hand, asked a few questions, then left with a friendly “See you later, PFC.” His demeanor left me with the absurd thought, Maybe he doesn’t know how strange he looks.

He had been assigned to my reserve unit while undergoing treatment at a nearby military burn unit…

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3 thoughts on ““Microaggressions”, “Trigger Warnings”, and the New Meaning of “Trauma”

  1. Read that yesterday, and LOVED it.

    Frankly, I’m getting sick of a world where everyone thinks they should be wrapped up in bubble wrap. The real world doesn’t give a damn about your hangups. It doesn’t.

    Time to put on your big girl/big boy pants and move the F on.


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