Artfully: Day 21

I’m sitting on the floor in the SEA-TAC airport. I’m listening to a father tell his children a story, and then I recognized it as being SF… how wonderful. My art options are limited. I have the pentablet with me, but not a good place to work with it… so I altered an older photo. Photoshop has some interesting filters I have begun to play with. I really need to put Filter Forge on this machine.

I had a ver stimulating conversation with my seatmate on the first leg of this flight, and for some time after as we waited for other flights. The conversation danced from military to fiction to science fiction, history, medicine, the flu… he’s among other thing an epidemiologist. We got to talking about epigenetics and the study of gene expression, and he postulated finding a gene that would ‘switch on’ the ability to grow wings.

What if?

The most powerful words in my toolbox. What if, indeed?  We’d be free like the birds… or limited, by weight and range, and I’d still be sitting her killing three hours waiting for the next plane to get where I want to go.



3 thoughts on “Artfully: Day 21

  1. Seems to me I remember in the 80s a Buck Roger TV series, and one episode had the last survivors of some avian race on another planet that had all the instincts to fly but couldn’t as humanoids or something.


  2. I’d still be sitting her killing three hours waiting for the next plane to get where I want to go.

    Longer! Winged passengers need more room


  3. Read a Graphic novel once where the premise was that one day, everybody could fly, float like Superman, although they would max out at about 20 mph. There were all kinds of social effects (Now you have to lock that 5th floor window so you don’t get robbed) and really ugly problems. Airliners were grounded because otherwise the idiots would get sucked into jet engines.

    And then our hero suddenly has a really urgent need to get cross country. The solution was a skydiver’s wingsuit, flying up to altitude, and then wingsuiting in freefall to cover ground.


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