Artfully: Day 18

In the spirit of the Raymond Chandler quotes earlier, I have a Noir guy for you this evening. My ever-patient First Reader modeled for me. This was shot at 35mm for my lens challenge (for those keeping track) under fluorescent lights with no flash. I took the RAW file into Photoshop, masked the background, and played with filters and settings until I got the one that made him go Oooh! Can I have you send me that one?

Under the Noir Guy you’ll find a couple of other shots from the 35mm lens setting challenge.

Noir man with a bullseye and smoke

Noir man with a bullseye and smoke


Cedar Sanderson

Herself: a self portrait

glass fish

Fish Aglow

sidewalk crack

Enduring Life

Franklin Ohio

Old Building in Franklin Ohio


4 thoughts on “Artfully: Day 18

    • Sadly, our little city is dying. If I can get time to take some Main St pictures (this is shooting across it, so the building is on Main, but I want to get some looking down the length of Main) you will see what I mean. Even the little computer repair shop I was using on Main has disappeared. I have the advantage of fresh eyes, and to me Ohio looks faintly exotic, it’s so different than where I’ve lived before. But even I see the decay around the beauty.


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