Artfully: Day 8

Wizbun and the Box of Mystery...

Wizbun and the Box of Mystery…


I doodled this, and then started to ink, while I was studying for today’s exam. It comes with a story. I’m not sure how I’ll finish off the art, yet. Might take it into Illustrator and give it some depth, just inking will not be great for the wizardry and smoke coming out the top of the box. 

Wizbun slowly stretched and backed out from behind the couch. It was a good, quiet place to nap, and the house had been quite full of big, trampling feet, earlier. Also, Mistress was quite insistent he not nibble on the huge, green, leafy, piney-redolent treat they had brought in. Most strangely, it was installed vertically, and would be hard for him to reach all the way to the top. At least until he’d nibbled it down to size.

He turned toward the front of the couch, and stopped to stare, then slid one paw under the edge of the couch, disturbing his lesser dust minions, until he felt the smooth wood of his carefully nibbled staff. He pulled it out, and proceeded on hinders toward the giant green treat, holding the staff erect. The jewel at the top of it, secreted from the Mistress’s minions while they were playing one day, they had called a marble. It made a wondrous focusing-glass.

The green branches of the tree were laden with shiny things, and lights, and the whole of it glittered and glimmered like nothing Wizbun had ever seen before. Under it, reflecting the lights, were boxes covered in bright paper. One of them had emitted the small noise that caused his neck fur to raise up. He inched closer, holding the staff at the ready.

The box sneezed. Wizbun startled, almost falling over. Only holding the staff held him upright. He really was more comfortable on all fours, but this could be dangerous, so having the staff at hand was necessary.  He’d never heard a box sneeze, but then again, he’d never before seen a treat this big, or decorated.

To be continued… 


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