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Saturday Link Round-Up

Ride on, cowgirl…


That’s me, at about age 7, on Dad’s cowpony, Moke.

I’ll start it off with a little piece of tech that flew by on my fb timeline, and caught my eye. This little drone fits in the palm of your hand, and can capture HD video. The start of the art tech, and this is by no means alone, scanning the related links at the bottom of the article about it, get my mind going about stories, some days. What would you use one of these for, in some fictional plot? I’m thinking reporters trying to get the scoop, military trying for better intelligence, spies… and 12 yos with grandiose ideas of avoiding homework. How about you?

In my slot over at the Mad Genius Club this morning you will find instead a very interesting interview of the former editor of the SFWA bulletin, Jean Rabe. She talks about the work she did for SFWA, and what finally lead to her leaving in disgust. She also talks about her own writing, and I will have to track down a title or two to review here.

Looking for something to do with the kids over a long Christmas break, or maybe you’re stocking up on ideas for a snowday? Here’s one! This adorable little paper model of the Rosetta and Philae spacecraft is not difficult to make, and it’s a great opportunity to talk to your kids about space exploration. Let’s inspire the next generation! I may have to make them to perch on my computer monitors. For the really ambitious kid, check out this model of the Mars Rover Curiousity. Beyond my patience level, for sure!

Oh! And I’m shipping out (a day late, my apologies, this week was rather full) four boxes with books in them. Many thanks to you all who participated!