Artfully: Day 3

Again with the doodle before class. I need to figure out a better way than the touchpad of my laptop. It limits me in many ways, and although that in itself is a challenge, to see what I can create within those limits, it means I can’t let my brain stretch its wings fully.

Tomorrow, maybe.

Psy Butterfly

Psy Butterfly


2 thoughts on “Artfully: Day 3

    • I have one that I use at home, but it’s too large to carry to class with me. It’s been suggested I try to find my little one that has vanished into the aether of my office 😀

      Also, my class schedule is coming to a close for this month in a mere week, which means long days of writing, and art will be a way of taking a break from that. So I ought to be able to get back to what I want to paint, which right now seems to involve foxes.


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