Cedar Sanderson

Real books!

A Papery Feel

Would any of you, dear Readers, be interested in a Cyber Monday sale on my books, signed and shipped on that coming week? This ought to guarantee arrival in time for Christmas. Of course, you can always give ebooks in mere moments, but sadly, signing electrons is beyond my abilities! I have a limited stock on hand, but if there is interest, I’ll list the titles that are available, and sketch on the inside cover if you’d like that in addition to my scrawled name or personalization. Pricing would be $12 each for the Pixie for Hire books, and $10 each for the Children of Myth Books. To order books from me, payments would proceed via paypal (author’s address is cedarlili at yahoo dot com, formatted as an email address), with notes on ‘to be made out to:” and an address for the recipient.

Mary Sue, where are you?

If you know what a Mary Sue is, read this. If you don’t know, read this, and be illuminated. Also, laugh yourself silly.

Body Modification

This link goes somewhere you may not want to go, although, thankfully, not illustrated.

But it does cause me to think. As surgeries and modification become cheaper and more readily available, not to mention safer, will the science fiction future more closely resemble a geek sideshow, or the weird imaginings of some of the SF classics… only they were looking at aliens, and we may be turning humans into the tentacle monsters of the future.

Writer’s Bane

We’re all familiar with writer’s block, even those of us who aren’t writers. What, you never dreaded a school paper just because you didn’t know what to say? At least with a research paper, or a book report, there’s a kernel of… something there. With fiction it’s both easier and harder. Easier because, as you rightly point out, we’re just making it all up. Harder because fiction, unlike real life, must make a modicum of sense and follow a narrative path (even if said path doubles back on itself a few times. But woe betide the writer who loses his Reader in the deep dark woods far from home. The Reader may close up the book in fright, having lost the path entirely, and worse, they may never choose you, Author, as their guide again).

With all this in mind, is it any wonder we have times where we stare at the blank screen/paper and wonder just where our fickle muse got off to? Read More at Mad Genius Club….