Art: Background

Working on the painting I have in my head. Hit my time limit, so here’s what I have so far. I may take another 30 min time slot for it later. What do you think should go in the foreground?



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  1. Hi Cedar,

    Thought you might like to see this picture of a “little shepherdess.” Your great-grandma was four years old, and small for her age. This was the little lamb they were given because its mother had died, and the people didn’t have time to bottle feed it; so the Harings got the little thing at birth and kept it in the house until it was strong enough to be outdoors. Mom said it would run full-tilt at her, knock her down, and jump up and down on her.

    It’s getting late so I need to get to bed. Looking forward to seeing you! I wish Sanford could come with you (and all the kids!) I plan to go with your mom when she goes to get you at the airport. We will bring supper for all of us. Will you be checking any luggage?

    Love, Grandma

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    • Yes, I will have one suitcase with me, since it’s such a long trip. My carry-on and a laptop case in hand. I’ll be working on the novel while I’m traveling, just not as hard as while I’m home beforehand 🙂

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