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As a companion to the piece I wrote for Mad Genius Club today, the Luddites are Winning, I ran across this article today, about a champion of golden rice, and a former Greenpeace member.

Patrick Moore, in an interview for Savvy Street:

The leaders of the Greens are extreme leftists, profoundly anti-human, anti-science, and anti-civilization. Recently the IPCC, the climate body, announced that CO2 emissions must be reduced to zero by 2100. Don’t they realize this is the same as saying that the human population should be reduced to zero? Or at least rolled back 10,000 years to before we began to clear land for farming? Greenpeace leader Kumi Naidoo tells his campaigners that they needn’t mind the lifestyles of the celebrities that support them. So it’s OK for Leonardo DiCaprio to have a 300-foot yacht, private jet, and limos waiting at idle, as long as he supports the anti-fossil fuel campaign. The green movement has evolved from well-meaning and good-hearted to a toxic blend of extreme left political ideology and religious fundamentalism rolled into one.

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  1. This is, unfortunately, nothing new. What people in power seem to want – besides power – is justification for having it. The Mandate of Heaven, the divine right of kings, the vox populi. There is something fundamental about being human that says, “I don’t deserve what I have.” When someone comes along who says, convincingly, “yes, you do, and here’s why, and how do you feel about contributing to such a worthy cause,” people have followed. All through history.

    Of course, knowing this in normal (for a given value thereof) doesn’t help much when the fearful masses rise up and smash the thinking machines, and those who understand them.


      • Yeah, I know. The foolish, willful stupidity is depressing. This line of thinking is why I have violent video games. Fortunately, we have the ability (and duty, these days) to imagine better for those around us. To imagine it for them, since they seem unable to do so themselves.


        • I just wish that if “leaders and celebrities” have some soint such as save the animals they would be required to live it fully. Say a supporter of PETA. Required vegan lifestyle. Food they eat must be grown by hand so that no insect can be harmed in the growth and preparation of their food. No use of fossil fuels in any form because of the deaths caused by the petroleum industry. No artificial clothing etc that requires petroleum in the preparation. The list could get far more in depth but, I think that would be enough to shut them the hell up

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  2. These people do not care enough about the environment to actually bother to *learn* how it works. IF their knowledge WAS EVEN based on what your average kid could learn from the Disney Nature series, or “Wild Kingdom”, they would know that trying to get CO2 production to *zero* is not just exterminating all of mankind. You’d have to eradicate all life with a notochord. Then you’d have to tell those big volcanoes to stop belching with strong, strong words. (That is, strong enough it will listen. How many carbon credits does krakatoa get?) This might get us to a net positive oxygen balance. Oh, look, now you are suffocating all the plants to death. Congratulations, the wonder that is the Earth is now just another dead clod bobbing in the galaxy. At least the fossils will always be interesting.

    These are people for whom deer starving to death is an insurmountable problem, so let’s ignore the terrible suffering and persecute hunters, instead. (The problem is bad! Quick, destroy the solution!) Some of these people think they can create vegan diets for top tier predators– and get them to “evolve” along with man. They think you can get cats and dolphins to learn not to eat meat by teaching them how eating meat is wrong. I am not making this up and I’m not exaggerating. They are dangerously insane, and no one has ever told them “no” in their lives. They just don’t know how to deal with the fact that the world they imagine can never be– no matter how hard Earth’s’ entire population wishes it were true.

    Suffice to say, this steps on a nerve for me. I once tried to join the environmental movement. I thought the fact that I’d lived off the land (or at least, really close to it) might help give perspective. HA! They weren’t interested in reality. They were interested in fulfilling a vision of perfection that is based on the ravings of a charlatan of dubious mental stability.


    • Thank you 🙂 It’s a simple piece, I never expected the reaction it’s getting.

      As for the articles… Nothing new. But needs to be repeated and get broader coverage if we are to see them lose the power they have curried.


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