Everything begins somewhere. I stole an hour from my schedule yesterday to begin with Photoshop. You can follow along, too, here at the Digital Painting lessons at Ctrl Paint. They are free, and best of all for me, short. I got through the first two, and stopped to play awhile with what I’d learned. I can manipulate Gimp fairly well, and do most of my design work with it. I have been doing most of my painting with Sketchbook Pro on the tablet. But I wanted to learn PS, and so I’m doing that.

Why not writing? Well, I spent most of my day Sunday doing homework. By eight o’clock at night I was brain-dead, and in no place to be terribly verbal, or creative. I’ve found art relaxes me, and to pull out actual paint, brushes, palette, and all the mess was more than I wanted to contemplate. So instead, I’d already cleared off my pentablet for an earlier cat sketch in Gimp for a relaxation exercise, and I decided it was time to start with PS. It’s a hurdle I want to get over slowly.

So you see below the little sketchy painting from PS, and the earlier Nyarlahotep Kitteh made in Gimp.

woodpecker watercolor

Playing with brushes and the pressure capacity of the pentablet.

Lovecraftian cat cthulhu

This cat is up to no good…