A Newbies Guide to Romance

Romance, and later, the Happily Ever After!

Mad Genius Club

Ah, romance. Everyone thinks something different when they hear it, and especially when you are talking about the literary genre called Romance. For one thing, it can be argued that tales as far back as Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe were romances, as in the romanticized tales of action and adventure, in which the guy always got the girl. In a more strict sense, the Romance genre began with Jane Austen’s comedy of manners tales of wooing, marriage, and slowly developed relationships. Now? Well, when I started talking about writing a romance, this is what my First Reader told me he thought of when he heard the term.

When I went looking for a: nurse, romance, cover, there were so many that came up it was hard to choose one. This one with the Wizard of Oz floating head was just weird enough I couldn’t resist.

The problem with romance is…

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