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Which One?

UPDATED: I have bowed to peer pressure (kidding, kidding!)The cover chosen by popular acclaim is now:

Farmhand cover 8 draft


OK, based on feedback and sorry, everyone, finding a picture of a blonde woman riding a horse that is affordable stock doesn’t seem to be happening, so… These are the final two options. Because I have class (and that’s not what I mean! LOL)

Farmhand 7 draft


Farmhand cover 6 draft


18 thoughts on “Which One?

  1. Top. Having the center essentially empty (as with the bottom) makes no sense from a composition, if you’re going to have the livestock off in the distance. It looks like there was space left for an image in the middle–and lost or forgotten.


    • I should probably clarify that there will likely be a small text blurb on the finished cover, but I won’t have it until a week or so from now, when this is in final production. But yes, I do like the Paint horse.


  2. Mixed feelings. The first works better than the second, but neither seem to me fit the title. Neither show IMO a scene from a working farm or somebody working on a farm.

    Of course, YMMV applies. [Smile]


  3. In the “chosen by popular acclaim” version, could you try splitting your name over two lines, and putting them left-aligned near the upper-left of the cover? I like it overall, but right now it feels like there’s a distracting void beneath the name “Lilania”. (Actually, this version is OK; the void was more noticeable in the pink-highlighted version on Facebook.)


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