Trees & Color

All the colors of the trees are revealed at this time of year… what follows are photos from here in Ohio, and ones from previous autumns spent in New England. The time of color has almost passed, here, and I know from experience that New Hampshire will be almost bare of leaves, especially if there was a storm. But the pictures capture moments and hold them in stasis forever.

Ohio Fall Color

Somewhere near Middletown, Ohio

autumn tree

Ohio Fall Color!

New Hampshire Pond

Somewhere near Sandwich, New Hampshire

Sanbornton, NH

Sanbornton, NH, the woods come to life with color.

New Hampshire Fall Color: somewhere in Sanbornton

New Hampshire Fall Color: somewhere in Sanbornton

Calico Asters and a lil' wasp here in Ohio

Calico Asters and a lil’ wasp here in Ohio


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  1. Beautiful colors! I found a sugar maple (I’m pretty sure) where we were parked across the street from the County Library yesterday. Hannah picked up a big handful of colored leaves to take home for a project (whatever they can think of — they are homeschooled).


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