When is it okay to quit?

Writing is one of those things. You can treat it like an art, or a science. But you must learn to be objective about your own work.

Brad R. Torgersen

Harshness ahead. You were warned.

There have been a very few instances when I’ve encountered a writer who is clearly wasting his/her time. I know, we’re not supposed to talk about it. We’re not supposed to admit (among ourselves) that any of us could be wasting his/her time. Yet, clearly, there are people in this field who are wasting their time. I know. I’ve met them. They are few in number, but they do exist.

Sure, 90% of the business is work ethic and never quitting. But if you don’t have the other 10% (imagination + style + insight + voice + creativity + ability to learn + yadda yadda) then you’re kind of trying to paddle up the Mississippi with a soggy flap of cardboard.

In each of the these few instances (and they truly are few) the writer in question had been struggling for decades (yes, plural) with…

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2 thoughts on “When is it okay to quit?

  1. read that blog – honestly ‘Almost’ got me to quit trying to write but since I know I suck sounds like its ok.


    • Knowing you suck isn’t necessarily true, you know. Find someone (or preferably) several someones to read your work. I’ve blogged before about finding good beta readers, if you can’t find that I’ll dig up a link. I suspect that like most new writers, you have things to learn. I’ll tell you something: any writer worth their salt has things to learn and will be heard declaiming that their work sucks. It’s when you get to the point that you aren’t listening to any criticism at all that you have to worry.


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