Of Grants and Literature and the Brainwashing of our Kids -Amanda Green

Yes, this. Think hard about why you don’t want to take the time or trouble to read what your children are reading. Why don’t you like reading? Even if you only skim, look at their assigned reading, and do it with a critical eye.

According To Hoyt

*I displaced Amanda’s monthly guest post yesterday for the character blog tour, so I’m putting it up today.  I’ll add one thing to what she says below — well, a few — when my kids were in elementary, there was a city program where they were given incentives to read.  Read x pages get a burger.  Read x pages get a movie ticket.  I never let them participate in the program.  Why not (besides meanness?)  Because I didn’t want them to think of reading as a chore you had to be compensated for. This is the mentality I keep running into, even from thirty somethings “reading is a chore and you need to give me stuff so I’ll read.” For some this becomes “reading is a chore, so I’ll read only ‘improving’ materials. And thus we come to writers who think that writing is kind of school work and that…

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