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Free Fiction and Cheap, too!

Balloon Animals

Designs from the balloon jam. Thanks to Dave Holderbaum for these!

I had a really nice evening last night. It was really fun to get out, network, and play with peers. I came home bouncy and inspired, if tired from a long day, and found… well, the usual, really. But the thing is, they are attacking a very nice person, and trying to drag her down to their level. This upsets me. 

However, as I said over at Mad Genius Club, mostly I’m going to ignore and avoid. I have other things to do with my life, mostly involving a great dinosaur design I learned last night and I need to practice for today’s party. And homework, and… pretty much anything.

Don’t forget the Great Labor Day Booksale still goes on!

Pixie Noir is on sale for only $0.99 today! Remember, ebooks make great gifts.

And Fairy Little Sister, a children’s fantasy story, is free for the next few days. Meant to be read aloud to your favorite youngling.