Good has no Reason

Evil can always justify itself2007-11-09-wombat269-reason

I highly recommend this webcomic… Digger, by Ursula Vernon.


5 thoughts on “Good has no Reason

    • I’d run across her Dragonbreath books while working as a librarian, the kids loved them. Then I found her novella Nine Goblins (under a pseudonym) which is wonderful. I’d never read Digger, and I don’t have time, but it’s good. So I am 🙂


      • Ohhh yeah. I wish she’d do another Digger series. There are so many good comics. My single favorite strip, and the one I used to lure a friend into reading, has to do with what you do with a box that must never be opened…


  1. Digger won a Hugo at Chicon 7 (the 70th) World Con. Well-deserved. May be one of the last Hugo awards before all of them turned to agenda-driven glitter. I was fortunate enough to see Ursula there and had a chance to tell her that I voted for it myself. If I get $90 together, I’ll be ordering it in hardcopy, so I can share it with my grandchildren.


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