Asking Questions

I’ve gotten in trouble more than once for asking questions, and refusing to accept easy answers. I ask a big one over at According to Hoyt today, about the article that proposes not only the cause of autism, but the cure. The older I get, the more I realize that the more we know, the less we know.

Science isn’t a static process, where we can stamp our foot and say ‘here. This is it, there is no more.” Sure there are things we know, like gravity. If you fall, you land on the ground, not up in the sky. Easy, right? Well… no. Seems the closer you look at something, like gravity, the less you know about it.

I’m off to class, microbiology and organic chemistry on Mondays. I love learning more, even though I know with every bit, it opens more questions, like a rose budding out into full bloom.



3 thoughts on “Asking Questions

  1. Left a comment on According to Hoyt about your article. I agree with most of it, but i feel that Autism is something that should have real treatments. But i understand the concern. Sadly people in this country rarely want the long term answers. They want the quick fix, which i would always worry about when a Snake Oil cure is discovered.


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