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No Food

No food porn today, I’m afraid. It’s been a *momentous* week, and tomorrow, school. We’ve had a conversation, and my dear First Reader has pointed out he’s going to be picking up a lot of the meal prep. It’s hard for me, I’m by training a housewife, and I’m used to being the one cooking, cleaning, and… but he’s absolutely right. We’ll wind up eating badly in a hurry when I have late classes or am just simply too busy to remember to eat (and by extension, feed him).

Anyway, today is work, prep for class (including finishing what I started last night, the pre-work a professor wanted done before classes even begin), and um… that’s about it. I have a kernel of a thought for tomorrow’s post, on autism and the proposed ‘cure’ I saw an article on recently.

I’ll try to come back later with links of interest or something.

On the writing front: no progess. I’ve been too busy to even let the creative brain out of the closet it’s currently locked in.

Oops.. have to run. Laundry calls!


5 thoughts on “No Food

  1. Good for First Reader! I think you’ve got a good one there!

    On autism, I’m interested to see what you’ve come across. What I’ve found with your sister is no cure, but a number of small things that help, and I’m thankful for that!!


    • And concerning autism–occasionally a small step forward, as when the special person in mind (when her mom is on the phone with me) “Tell Grandma Hi for me!”


  2. Cedar, could you (in your blog piece) clarify what you mean by “autism?” I get confused because when I grew up, autism as a diagnosis was restricted to severe mental retardation (IQ less than 25), often accompanied by a suite of behaviors (rocking in place, repetitive pounding on things, et cetera). Now the word seems to cover everything from difficulties socializing to perception problems to mild schizophrenia to “classical” autism.


    • Yes, I’d planned on addressing what is now called the ‘autism spectrum’ and Neural pruning, in perspective of my family, and others. I think now that work is done today, time to dig into research 🙂

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      • Yes, I’d also be interested in what you have to say about Autism. 🙂

        Though, unlike TxRed, I’ve always heard that Autism and Intelligence are completely separate scales (though not necessarily unrelated).


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