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Morning Cuppa

Kittens and Coffee

In 3 – 2 – 1 – Caffeinated Kitteh!

I will be back later – I think – to write something for the blog. But this morning I have to get laundry done, and homework, and all the other sundry things that pile up into the slot called ‘day off.’ Which is a silly name, because  there’s no off about it. That, and I am currently pre-coffee and really can’t think of anything to talk about…

Oh, well, there is this. Thanks to everyone spreading the word, I gave away almost 500 copies of Stargazer. Woohoo! I appreciate it, folks. Hopefully I gave a good read, and you helped get my name to people who hadn’t seen it before, more than likely.


Child and schoolbus

Skipping off to school

I’m thinking about running a back-to-school sale on Vulcan’s Kittens, something to send with your middle or high-schooler for a lighter read than most of the assigned books… so many are so dark and gloomy nowadays. Let me know if there’s interest in this, and I’ll set it up for labor day.

If you need something to do, might I recommend a book? You know the God’s Wolfling is out, and you can now find it at iBooks, B&N for nook, and Amazon?

In the meantime, I have a take-home exam that isn’t going to take itself. See you all later!

Cedar Sanderson

Homework and laundry: Proof I can multi-task


2 thoughts on “Morning Cuppa

  1. Love the kitty picture. Kitty looks just like one of mine named ‘Little Stranger’. (He was abandoned at birth and adopted by a mama cat of mine who had 5 girl kittens the same day he was born.)

    I read ‘Stargazer’ by the way, and shall write a review of it soon.


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