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In the excitement of launching The God’s Wolfling this weekend, I haven’t really given Stargazer its due. This is a short story in a world I keep meaning to revisit. Perhaps when I have a little more time… but it is free through tomorrow. Please, take one, and pass the word. This is a vital way for me to find new readers, through a free sample, and it’s also an important way for me to say thank you to readers of my blog and followers elsewhere.

Also, The God’s Wolfling is now available at Page Foundry

(a new market for me) in epub format.


Cedar Sanderson

Science fiction, short story…


8 thoughts on “Free Fiction

  1. Cedar, thanks so much for letting me know about the free short story. I’m on disability and so money for new books is always short— and I read fast and have too much reading time on my hands.


    • Anytime 🙂 I run free offers on my short fiction every so often, I also have blogged links to various places where you can find legitimately free books online (I’m not a fan of pirate sites!) because I’ve been there, with no money and no way to reach the library.


  2. My sister loaned me her Kindle long enough to get the story and read it. I finished it for the second time last night. Now I am trying to get her to read it.

    It was powerful. I seriously liked it. I will be putting up a review as soon as my head unstuffs and/or stops pounding. (I hate pressure cells)


  3. Nissa, I’ve found the on-line branch of our county library, and use it a lot! They don’t have everything I would like to read, but if I’m just in need of something to read, I can usually find something there.


  4. How did you get distributed through Inktera? Were you able to do it yourself directly, or have to go through a third party distributor?


    • I distribute outside Amazon through Draft2Digital. It’s easier and (usually) faster than Smashwords for publication to all the little places I don’t have time to format and upload to.


      • If you don’t mind me asking in a public space, how many monthly sales do the Scribd and PageFoundry/Inktera distribution venues generate for you? I’m trying to determine if it’s worth the time and effort to try selling through those. Thanks!


        • Currently I have one title through them for any time, with TGW publishing in the last week. My sales so far have been minimal, which is why I pulled Pixie Noir and Vulcan’s Kittens into KDP select to experiment with the new Kindle Unlimited program. I plan to give that a three-month trial and then write it up for Mad Genius Club. However, overall I find sales outside Amazon are slumping even further than they were last year.


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