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What’s next?

First, I have a post up at Mad Genius Club on new books, how they are like infections, and Ebola.

Secondly, Ben Hartley gave me a very nice review on The God’s Wolfling over on Amazon, and infected me with an idea. Sir, I can’t decide if you get a thank you, or a muted growl as I make notes for another book in this series… I didn’t intend to continue it, you know. But you pointed something out, I started to think why I’d written it that way, and the answer is… they need their own adventures, and their own book. Think about the clash of cultures between those two girls, if you will… because I’m thinking about it!

However, for right now that will just be notes. Because before I can write and publish it, I need to finish the book I started a few weeks back, a science fiction story. Tenatively titled Plague War, it is the beginning of a planned trilogy, and with the Ebola epidemic blowing up, it is frighteningly topical. I will be pushing to write that over this fall, but I don’t know how well I will succeed. I may wind up taking a page from Dean Wesley Smith’s book and ‘writing in public’, that is, instead of a daily blog, you’ll be seeing about a thousand words of fiction from me.

I don’t know if that will work, though. I know a lot of you are now reading my blog not for my fiction, but the eclectic stuff that I find, or that falls out of my head. What do you all think? Willing to put up with me doing that, or should I just push through more privately toward finishing this book.

It’s not just that book, you see. I also have something completely different in the works, and a lot closer to completion, but it still needs about 20-30K words. I also need to write Dragon Noir, tentatively scheduled for being written Winter 2014 and published Spring 2015.

Sigh… I have 7-9 novels in my head. It’s getting them OUT that is the problem!



10 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. I actively avoid reading in installments (shorter than book length), so I vote no on that.

    Who won the free copy? I missed the announcement. I should have some cash this week and will buy them both, but I had high hopes. Intriguing concept.


  2. Thank you! I was dreadfully afraid that my review of “The God’s Wolfling” was a mite harsh. You’ve relieved my mind most effectively. A muted growl is… er… nice. [smile]

    Since I’m not a great fan of snippets, I’d just as soon you continue your blog as is. I like it that way… even the food articles, and as a cook I make a pretty good can opener. [‘nother smile]

    Ben Hartley


    • See, the thing about food blogs is that everyone eats 🙂

      No, you weren’t harsh, you were honest, which I value highly. It’s a playful growl, anyway. I like the characters in that world, so playing there won’t hurt a bit.


  3. Another author I have been reading Drew Hayes has been doing something interesting. If I have it right he is relasing releasing a chapter every Tues and Thurs but is taking ” donations ” to do it. Sort of like a mini kick starter you get the chapters when the pot gets to a certain point. But you don’t have to give any money at all to read the chapters. Sort of like the first hit is free cuase your are most likely to get hooked idea. Go over to his website and have a look might work for you or might not. What do I know I’m just an addict :).


  4. I don’t read installments either… but some people do. I got a lot of likes and follows thanks to my installment writing. I don’t understand it, but I’ll feed it anyway.


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