Garden Denizens

So, today you get an art blog. Specifically, you get what I see when I look at the world. In a manner of speaking, the camera lens captures my eye, the way I look at things. If the eye is the window to the soul, what do photos say about the artist?

I know that my hits drop when I do an art blog, and I’m sorry, hopefully if I have time later I will post a link round-up or something more chatty. I’m just tired, and have lab on Tuesdays, plus homework and work. Not to mention the house needing my attention badly. If I don’t have time, I’ll return on Wednesday.

In the meantime. Look closer, next time you are outside, in your yard or garden or taking a walk. See the obscure, the hidden, the tiny… Living jewels and brilliant colors will be your reward.

daylily pollen

Tiny bees collecting pollen – and I think this is my favorite photo I have taken recently.


Anthers and stamens

Butterfly on marigold

Butterfly on marigold


Garden Phlox


Hummingbird hover


Bug-eyed salamander

Black Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail


2 thoughts on “Garden Denizens

  1. Excellent photos, Cedar.

    You KNOW what I have in mind for them. I hope you don’t mind if I sketch them on to bags. I love to make a GIANT illustration from a teeny subject, with plenty of color and contrast.

    🙂 Rosalie


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