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Link Rodeo

Rounding up links of interest into the corral for you to peruse and try out…

Here’s a fun question: what does coffee have in common with the Enlightenment and the American Revolution?

Dave Freer muses on the books of old, and how heroes have changed since the days when he was a bright-eyed lad. He also asks who your heroic favorites were, so mosey on over and add to the list we’ll all be plumbing for hidden gems to read!

I’ve never played with paintball, but I recognize the fun of the concept, but more important, I read Doc’s Whiteboard because it makes me giggle when they break out the Mad Science… like this story thread about the paintball Gatling gun-thing, which starts here.

In keeping with the rodeo theme I seem to have fallen into today… Peter Grant muses on a prolific Western author other than L’Amour. I seem to recall reading Edson and not being impressed, but I did read a lot of Zane Grey, and my favorite, William McLeod Raine. I still enjoy returning to that genre, comfort reads from childhood. I have been working on a modern Western romance, I really need to finish it.

Stephanie Souders muses on something I have felt, and the reason I am quiet about my personal faith online. “Treating a group differently because they are a minority is wrong — but treating a group differently because they are the majority is just as wrong. As I’ve argued in previous posts, genuine justice demands that all people be subject to the same code of conduct and accorded the same respect.”

And finally, Amanda Green writes about the mentality I touched on with my blog today. “I’m female — proud of it — but I have never seen myself as a victim. My mother taught me to stand up for myself just as her mother had taught her. She taught me how to turn situations back on a man who might be acting the boor. Laughter and a well-placed comment can quickly deflate the drunk who is hitting on you. Cat calls from construction workers can but turned right back on the guys with a little thought and help from your friends. Elevators, especially for a tall woman in with short men (and that may be in stature or maturity) can be uncomfortable but a look can wither.

Don’t believe me? Find yourself a proper Southern lady or a New England matriarch and just watch how they handle unwanted attention or crude comments. They are masterful in cutting the offending party down to size and all without raising their voices or pulling out their victim card.”


4 thoughts on “Link Rodeo

  1. I love the old book cover you have up. Vintage books look so cool. I’ll have to look in the ‘Westerns’ section of my bookshelf and see if I have Edson. (I’m following your blog now, by the way.)


    • Glad to have you! I find old books with the pulpy covers and pick them up, but I’m not formally a collector, just I find them neat. It’s been a long time since I read Edson, I’ll have to see if I can find one and if it’s really as corny as I remember!


      • One reads Edson for the humor value. He thought he was writing serious westerns but, really really bad stuff. I like to read it on occasion to see heroes greater than the Greek gods they are modeled after roam the old west


  2. I enjoyed Zane Grey when I was a child (I had read all of his Westerns by the time I was ten), but when I re-read them now they seem … odd. He was good at descriptions, but flowery, and I think he was overly ‘flowery’ with his characters, too.


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