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Teaching oneself has never been easier in this day and age. Even for college-level work, there are more sites out there than I could name, youtube is chock-full of lessons, lectures, and useful hints for remembering chunks of necessary data. I’m up to my eyeballs in Chemistry as I have another exam today. Rushing through this intensive course (a semester of work in 6 weeks) is taking it out of me.

For instance, the terribly useful Chemwiki at UC Davis, which is helping me get through sticky spots in General Chemistry this summer.

The big one, Khan Academy, was essential for my precalculus last semester, and refresher for algebra the year before.

MIT offers many courses free online for auditing with their Opencourseware track.

Know others? Leave names or links in the comments and I’ll update this… later, after the exam, and lab, and work, and…

My friend Jonathan Stevens, himself a professor of Chemistry, sent me a couple of links to free online Chemistry books.

Principles of General Chemistry

Intro to Chemistry 

Cedar Sanderson, geek

Geeky Girl!


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  1. In my opinion, if the internet stays up long enough, eventually most college courses and probably also high school courses will be on-line for free. At least the material will be there (and probably already is if you know where to look.) It’s like the split going on between Traditional and Independent publishing — the same thing is going to happen to education.


    • Oh, it’s here, now. The knowledge is there. But what isn’t, is the culture which would accept that you don’t need a shiny piece of paper to do the job. So there will continue to be schools.


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