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I’m looking to create a list of people who contribute to the conversations on the internet about books, writing, and publishing in a nurturing and vital manner. Living, active, positive people who are the voices we listen to when it comes to books. Need not be authors or publishers themselves, vocal readers should have a say in books as well! Leave a comment with a name and if you want, a brief thought on why that person.

I’ll compile the list for publication Monday, and keep in mind, this conversation will be going on here, facebook, twitter, and beyond! Let’s hear what you have to say.



19 thoughts on “Nominate Literary Voices

    • Sure, Misha! I don’t know yet if I’m going to cap the list, and if I have to, I will be keeping the people who were voted on it most often, but for now I don’t see why I shouldn’t have you on the list!


  1. Chuck Wendig. A lot of good stuff on writing, character building, publishing (self and trad.) “It’s not a religious war, both have their merits and flaws…” is pretty much his take.


  2. I’ve already mentioned most of these earlier in our discussion, but figured I should move them over here for clarity’s sake.

    Larry Correia, because he’s Larry freaking Correia.

    Sarah A. Hoyt, because she discusses a lot of stuff and has quite the loyal blog following.

    John C. Wright, because he’s a hell of a writer, blogger, and blog commenter.

    Hugh Howey, because he does a lot to educate people about indie publishing.

    Joe Konrath, for the same reason as Hugh, except he’s more like a Larry Correia in his approach.

    Passive Guy, because if Joe is a sledge hammer, PG is a scalpel.

    Pretty much everyone from the Mad Genius Club (particularly as a group), because they’re my favorite “fascists” apparently. 🙂

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    • Her Hoytness, the Beautiful But Evil Space Princess, herself. Larry Correia, Int’l Lord of Hate, the pit of madness that is the MGC (is it wrong to nominate myself like that? No, really: everybody else there does great stuff), John C. Wright, Passive Guy, Jerry Pournelle, our own Dot Grant, she of Great Cover Amazingness


  3. Gaiman, Jerry Pournelle, Hugh Howley, Passive Voice, The MGC, Ilona Andrews, Larry Correia, Vox. He is kinda on the edge like Vox and talks about tech as much as publishing but Mike Caine. @mikecaine. I see some duplicates but I am leaving them in because. ..well lazy Saturday 🙂


    • Don’t worry about duplicates: this goes for all of you. I will rank the final list according to number of votes received here and elsewhere (as far as I can keep track, once it gets a bunch of shares on Fb, if people don’t comment here I’ll lose the threads).


  4. You could also play with google searches with words like ‘writer’s blog’ etc (or delegate that to some minions. I’m not volunteering.). Presumably the ones which most often come on top are popular.


    • And I’m not volunteering because my google fu is lacking. One name which came up early if you look with simply ‘writer’ was Harlan Ellison on some youtube clip, other hits were mostly magazines and such. But I’m fairly sure it is possible to figure out a way to use a search engine that way. 🙂


  5. Sarah Hoyt, everyone at MGC, you (I know that’s a double count, but go with it), the Passive Guy, Patricia Wrede, Kris Rusch, Hugh Howey.


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