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Kindle Unlimited

I muse at length on the new Amazon offering over at Mad Genius Club.

I’m reminded of the old admonishment, be careful what you wish for. You might get it. The Genie in Scheherazade’s tales of Arabian Nights was a most literal being. So are computers, come to think of it. Unless you define your parameters, you might not like the results of your wishes.

So I am cautious, when presented with the latest in bright shiny prospects. It might be an opportunity, a chance to reach into the bag and pull out the tool I need for the job at hand, and there might be a beartrap in there ready to close on my fingers.

It’s not that I don’t trust Amazon, it’s that I don’t need to trust Amazon. When presented with the latest and greatest reason to sign onto KDP select with my books, I’m mulling it over from a business standpoint before I plunge right in.

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In other thoughts, I have had the opportunity twice this last week to get outside and take photos. Once for me, once for you. I wanted to do an updated shoot of myself-with-book for the blog, and it was a good excuse to take a walk. I’m carrying a copyright 1900 copy of Arabian Nights, and at one point I started reading it out loud to my First Reader, as the language is very old-fashioned and absurd. It’s been a while since I read any of my antiques, I was staring at it while he took photos and couldn’t help reading it. Text just draws me right in!

So here are a few I took, the shots for the Book Dryad my First Reader did (ever-patient, that man), and a link to many more if you enjoy photos of bugs, birds, and flowers.




A butterfly and a bee share a spacious echinacea

cox arboretum

Black Swallowtail


Dragonfly with blue body

wild rabbit

Wild bunny!

Book Dryad

Reading out loud to my photographer…


He’s looking over my shoulder… Does someone reading over your shoulder bother you?

Book Dryad

Arabian Nights, the tale of a woman who saved her own life with words knit into stories.


One thought on “Kindle Unlimited

  1. Think long and hard about this decision. I have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited and it has already saved me money on books I would have bought for up to $4.99 from authors whose new works I look for. OTOH it has helped me be introduced to new authors whose works I would not have purchased at that level. Seems to me that it makes sense to allow a book to be sold through Unlimited once it has had an initial purchase run through loyal readers. For example, I will pay the introductory sales price for Dragons Noir; i am not much on delayed gratification and would not be willing to wait even a month to get it on Unlimited at no additional cost. Also, make sense to make the initial volume of a series available to allow readers to decide if they want to buy the subsequent volumes.


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