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4 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. Use to drive me nuts… soooo much “look busy” time when you’re actually waiting, and then additional “there’s no work to be done ,but hang around anyways…because.”

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    • Yes, I get bored easily (fairly sure I have ADD, which is sort of a benefit if you handle it right) and I thought I was gonna die until I realized I would have a window open with a writing project and that was acceptable as long as I was staying on top of the rest of it.


  2. All that wait time is why I seldom had homework during school, but got it all done during school. My parents raised us to get our work done first, then time was free to play, etc.

    But some of us now have office jobs that don’t have that down time, that wait time — they have squeezed everything out. Not evenly throughout the office, just certain people. And when those people don’t get things done, it is a “time management” issue, not a work load issue.

    You can see people doing the waiting job, complaining about their work loads, while working your tail off 12 hours a day right next to them, with “time management” issues.

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