The Murder of Beauty

Who Murdered Beauty?

We meet today, my friends, to attempt to solve a crime. A crime against all of humanity, one which is extinguishing the life from Art, Philosophy, and even Ethics. Unlike with a human life, the existence may yet be restored to Beauty, but it will take solving the murder first, so we may begin to breathe life anew into these noble causes. We may look at the vast scope of what we contemplate, and wonder: can we do this? Is it worth doing? What difference can we few make?

I say, let us discuss Means, Motive, and Opportunity, and in doing so, you may find answers to some of your questions. I may take an obscure path, through all of Aesthetics, but I think you will see our steps guided through the philosophy of the nature of humanity and soul, to the visual feast of Art.

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2 thoughts on “The Murder of Beauty

    • I’m going to regret this, but…

      I never said abstract art isn’t beautiful. I create abstracts, and I shared my sister’s work not long ago, which is very abstract. You can see beauty and emotions in abstract art. Howver, deconstructionism and postmodernism create ‘art’ which requires more rhetoric to explain and justify it than you could ever infer by standing and looking at the piece with open eyes and heart. That isn’t art.

      Also, Clamps? if you continue to troll, I’ll ban this persona, too. Play nice.


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