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Memorial Day

This morning I am remembering all who came before, who served, and died, to make me a free woman.

I am sitting here able to do whatever I want with my life, to vote, to publish this blog on the internet, because brave men watered the roots of the Liberty Tree with their blood.

I despaired of writing this blog this morning. What would I be able to say, that wouldn’t be yet another cliche on this topic?

I am the daughter of a veteran, the grandaughter of another. I live with a vet. Many of my friends are veterans. Before my dear man leans over my shoulder and says “Um, Cedar, today isn’t about us…” I know that. But they did something that keeps me in awe of them, always.

John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

I know very well that there were and are soldiers who aren’t serving with a sacrifical heart. It’s a job, and if they were truly called to fight, they would squall like a wet cat and try their hardest to get out of it. Not all soldiers are heroes, nor tin saints. But most are. There are easier jobs, than knowing you could be called on to lay down your life for your country.

For those who did lay a life down, and were never able to take it up again, I am thankful. For their families who were bereft of them, I am sorrowful and grateful.

I will remember.

civil air patrol cadets

Memorial Day Parade


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    • Well, I know that’s Samantha next to me, and Brian White on the other end of the guard. I don’t know who might be carrying the colors, I can’t see well enough to tell.


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