Plan a free weekend before starting this book ….

Very nice review, thank you!

Be Swift, Be Precise

Pixie Noir , By Cedar Sanderson

I picked up this book after running across its author, Cedar Sanderson, on one of the blogs where she writes, and finding her comments about writing and other topics very appealing. In one of those blogs she mentioned the release of Trickster Noir, the second book in this series. Since I enjoyed her non-fiction writing, I decided to try reading one of her fiction works, to see if I also liked her fiction. But since I hadn’t read Pixie Noir, I decided to start with it first, rather than with her more recently released, Trickster Noir.

I am glad that I did. I started the book on a weekend, and finished it within 24 hours of downloading it for my Nook. I am not sure exactly what genre people would classify the book, but it works, very smoothly.

The book moves quickly…

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