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Finals Week

So, my schedule is: two finals today, Monday. One on Wednesday, and one online that I can take on Tuesday. Yay for online final!

Not too bad, really. Could be worse.

But unless you are really interested in Precalculus, Spanish, or Chemistry, I haven’t got much else on the brain. So I’ll leave you with this, today.

A very funny story by Terry Bisson, “Meat.” My friend Kathryn McCrary put me on to this, thanks!

And a call-out to create a better list of 100 classic SF novels. I looked at one of those silly buzzfeed polls, of 99 classic SF books, and was not thrilled to see many missing, and some on there I wouldn’t have classified as SF, and at least one that is less than 20 years old. I don’t care how good it is, you can’t have a classic in less time than that.

So what would you vote for as a classic? I’ll compile the list Thursday… Maybe. I’ll also be deep into writing, I have set a goal of 70K words between the end of this week and June 25.


4 thoughts on “Finals Week

  1. The Foundation series, by Isaac Asimov. Possibly “The Door Into Summer”, by Heinlein? Fantastic time-travel story.


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