Writing Emotionally

Once upon a time…

No, this isn’t that kind of a story. That kind of story implies a happily-ever-after ending, and magical middle, and a cozy snuggle while someone reads it aloud to you. What about the other kind of story, where the author’s heart-blood lies upon the page and you can feel the emotion?

I never meant to write horror. Honestly, when asked I deny I have done so, but fans have informed me that at least two of my stories are horror. One of them I meant to be about a woman gaining new hope and a beginning, the other… my mentor told me that the best stories came from metaphorically opening a vein onto the page. I pondered that, and paired it with something I had meant to do for a long time but lacked the courage, and wrote the story.

There are times I think I don’t feel, or write, emotion the way other people do. I suspect it’s partly being Odd, and that those of us who identify that way share this awkwardness with the concept of gut-wrenching emotion: is it too much? or not enough?

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One thought on “Writing Emotionally

  1. One of Swains top pieces of advice is to Follow the Feeling. That the core component, the thing that the plot is curled around, and your characters are woven through is the feeling. And that is the first step to trusting yourself as a writer. Paraphrasing a bit, but the gist of what he says. There is a LOT more to what he has to say, but… that’s the seed of the first chapter. That must mean it’s important, right? 🙂


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