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Free Fiction

I’m in a celebratory mood.

First, you can find my story Milkweed over at Mythic Delirium, it’s free to read this month, along with poems by Mari Ness and Jane Nolen.

Secondly, my short story Honor’s Price is free at iBooks. I wrote this for a short-story contest a long time ago, and was surprised to find it listed along with the others for sale there. Okay, on further searching you can also get it in ePub format at Lulu.

There is some free fiction here on the blog, including the truly weird Zombie Maggots, which was written when my friend Lin Wicklund challenged me with those two words, as she was leaving the convention where we first met in person. I sat down and pounded it out in a day… maybe I should revisit that story?

Anyway, I’m sharing these titbits as a way of saying Thank You!! to all my fans, new and faithful, for moving both Pixie Noir and Trickster Noir into the top 100 of Amazon’s fantasy book listings. I’m ecstatic.

Also, because it made me giggle even though I’m not a Godzilla fan, and the timing is perfect for getting one to wear to the new movie, here’s my friend Ken’s new shirt design.



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