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I don’t have a snippet today. For almost a year, is it? No, can’t be that long! Maybe six months, there has been a snippet of my fiction here in the Sunday blog post. Today, I don’t have one. I’m not ready to snippet The God’s Wolfling, although I have a few thousand words of that story down. It needs too much work, and too much time, to begin with the snippets any time soon. Which leaves me with a void.

I was told yesterday evening – repeatedly! – that my blog is eclectic. Well, yes, and by design. I have a lot of interests, not just writing, and I want to share. I want to make this blog interesting in turn for my readers, with the hopes of persuading you all to stick around, and enter into a sort of relationship with me. This isn’t just about attracting potential customers, you know. Yes, I’m a mercenary writer wench, but I’m also one who loves a good conversation.

I know we aren’t going to approach the conversations at my mentor Sarah Hoyt’s blog, those are phenomenal, and probably unrepeatable. But perhaps in time I can ask: “what would you like to see here, on Sundays, from me?”

I’m up for short challenge fiction. I used to play that with a group called Indie Ink, and I was sad when it dissolved. I’m unlikely to be inclined to gived you a scholarly, cited article every week (too much like school! 😉 ) but if there’s a topic you’re curious about… I do have university library privileges, and adore researching. Heck, over the summer if I get stuck on writing you are likely to get recipes and food porn photos from me.

I don’t know when the snippets will begin again. I will let you know what my progress is as I go, but my summer is going to be full, with a convention at the end of June (LibertyCon!) a chemistry class hard on the heels of that trip, and hopefully, my kids for camping a week in August. So I won’t write three novels this summer. Sorry… no, I’m not 🙂 Good things, all of them.

In the meantime, I have homework, an online quiz, two covers to finish off for others, and gardening. It’s a lot for only one day.


8 thoughts on “Snippetless

  1. Cedar, would it be possible to make the font you write in a little darker? On my computer, at least, it’s a gray just barely darker than the background — makes it hard to read!


    • Mom, I will look. I think it’s linked to the ‘theme’ I’m using, so if I can’t change it at the posting level, I’ll switch themes. I don’t usually look at the posts, just the editing side, and you are right, that’s not easy on the eyes.


  2. Not to worry. With the outdoor market season fast approaching, I have plenty to do to prepare. Recent sales calls allowed me to put almost 60 Tookybird Totes and a dozen Gardeners Aprons in local businesses. I have to sew, draw and paint non-stop if I’m going to be stocked with enough goods to make a good presentation at the end of this month.

    I should not spend so much time online anyway, but I do enjoy your blog. Take a break, breathe deep and relax. You won’t lose us me easily.

    All good.


    • I’m glad you enjoy the blog, and wonderful news on all the orders! I look forward to seeing photos of the art that happens now.

      I will relax, a bit, with school winding down. Time to switch gears to my other ‘hat’ and start writing in earnest again.


  3. “Short challenge fiction.” Liiiike…a snippet from Devon’s POV? The scene where he meets Bella, maybe?
    The conversation in which Alger assigns Dean to keep an eye on Lom?


    • Hm! Good ideas, thanks! I had planned to do some short fiction in the world of Pixie, and with the final book in the trilogy not coing out until 12-18 months from now while I wrap up other projects, that would be a good way to keep my head in the stories.


  4. Food porn is always an acceptable substitute for story snippets. My experience is that most living beings respond well to food. 🙂


    • LOL! Yes, I have noticed that as well. I will have to contemplate what will work. I know Himself has been campaigning for a batch of Blondies, but I don’t know how well that recipe will photograph.


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