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Launch Day!

It’s official, Trickster Noir is available for purchase. Print, ebooks for kindle, nook, and more, all up and ready to buy. If you enjoyed Pixie Noir, you will enjoy this tale of what comes after that story closed. I feel a little awkward talking about my own book, so hopefully a few fans will make with the reviews soon and you can listen to a more objective voice than mine.

It was a blast to write. If you follow my blog, you know that I wrote the bulk of the story over my winter break from school. Six weeks, just barely under 100,000 words. That was a rush! One thing about doing it that way, I was able to get into the flow of the story and focus on letting it come out smoothly onto paper without all the interruptions and false-starts I maght have had with more time to spend on it. I know for sure there is one more book. I plan for Pixie for Hire to be a trilogy, with Dragon Noir being the penultimate book. There might be some shorter stories to come in time, telling minor character tales. We will see.

I do hope you enjoy reading it.

Also, you can pick up a free story on Amazon while you are there, Little Red-Hood and the Wolf-Man is free until May 4. Share the love and let your friends know, too! I like to have fresh eyes see my work, and I love offering the first taste for free.

As a side note, many of you know I am floundering with my math class this semester. A friend gave me a fun memnonic yesterday, to remember the trigonometry identities. Ken Burnside’s take on it, and no, I am not singing for you! LOL

sin = y/r
cos = x/r
tan = sin/cos

sec = 1/cos
csc = 1/sin
cot = 1/tan

To “Fa-So-La-Ti-Do” from Sound of Music:

Sin is what y ran with
Cos’d my x to run!
Tan’d is sin slashing cos!
Sec, I need to invert cos!
Co’secant invert their sin!
Cot underneath your tan…
Because the summer goes around!

And because he’s a funny math man, he’s got tee-shirts, too (Larger sizes here). They only have a bit more to go in the pre-order stage, so scoop yours now. I may just reward myself with one for finishing this class!

Science Tee