On Hold

I was waiting on my post for the day to put it up when the book it is review went live on Amazon. Well, life not being smooth, that hasn’t happened yet. I think… anyway, I can’t find it when I look at Amazon. So I will post the review tomorrow, maybe, with a linky to my Mad Genius post, what ever that is. I dunno yet, still musing over what to write about over there. My brain is a bit fried, with this last week of mad whirl, and today I am opening Trickster Noir to make final edits, and set it up for publication. (oh, this is scary. I don’t think it will ever get not-scary).

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to. I spent the morning dissolving a bright new penny in strong acid and calculating how much copper is in a penny these days. The answer? About 3.5% roughly.