Thoughts on Editing

painted balloon dog

The vast majority of my balloons are not this simple…

I don’t have time for much this morning, and I don’t have the wrist strength to type much (something about tying, twisting, and otherwise manipulating something between 600-700 balloons yesterday).

I haven’t yet looked at the ms I got back yesterday morning from my editor. But I was thinking how grateful I am to have someone who can look at my work, that I trust to give it a subjective assessment, and who will help me become a better writer. It’s an amazing thing to find.

I am being assured by the editor that Trickster Noir is a good story. We may not need or want gatekeepers, as authors, but it helps to have that subjectivity. It’s not just cute because it’s my baby, it’s actually cute.

So. I’m off to class and tutoring. Math and chemistry, yay. My hands, ow…


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Editing

  1. Be careful with your hands, Cedar. (And yes, please be kind to your local editor. I keep thinking I should put this on a bumper sticker, but non-writers wouldn’t get it. :VBEG:)

    I look forward to reading and reviewing “Trickster Noir” soon. (Probably in two weeks, unless you’d like me to synchronize it for the actual release date . . . do let me know.)


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